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Wall Aquariums

      Our modern wall mounted aquariums pride itself on operating its business on honesty and integrity. We aim to exceed your expectations in quality and customer service and to provide the best product and service that will allow you to experience the joys of owning a piece of living art in your home and office.       

      These contemporary wall aquariums are designed with brushed aluminium frames, which make them much lighter than stainless steel frames yet durable to sustain rust.  The fish tank is made of strengthened glass, which is 7 times stronger than regular glass.  The depth of the most of our wall aquariums from the wall to the face of the frame is 4.5 inches.  

      These wall aquariums can be turned into saltwater or fresh water aquariums.  We have a variety of shapes and sizes of wall aquariums for you to choose from.  Click here to see details of our wall aquarium products.  We offer a one year guarantee on all wall aquariums we sell. 

      The wall aquarium comes with all-in-one starter kit (including Powerful Multi-Functional Submersible Water Filter, Custom Fitted Lighting Fixture, Pre-Cut Custom Lid,  Australian Sea Background, Fish Net, Grabber Tongs, Siphon Cleaning Hose, Complete Mounting Kit and Instruction Book) and they are easy to install.  Just add fish and water, you will enjoy a piece of living art on the wall.       

       If you need more information, you could visit www.MyWallAquarium.com.