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About Us

Home Ideas is a home furnishing retailer focusing on crystal lighting and wall aquariums.   We are dedicated to providing premium quality, innovative and decorative lighting fixtures that would be the premier choice of interior designers, architects and discerning homeowners.  

Started in 2006, Home Ideas is located in a convenient location in Vaughan, Ontario, at Highway 400 and Rutherford Road, and we serve customers of Greater Toronto Areas and its surrounding regions.   

Our goal is to exceed customer expectation, and provide superior products and services to our customers.    

Our crystal lighting section provides our customers with hundreds of elegant lighting fixture choices, including crystal chandeliers,  ceiling fixtures, pendants, and wall sconces, etc,  and these lighting fixtures cover different styles, classic or contemporary.   Supported by excellent services, such as free consultation and installation service, we aim to bring the highest satisfaction to customer’s home lighting needs. 

Our wall aquarium series provide our customers with unique and breath-taking choices for our home or office environment.   These wall aquariums not only save floor space, but also bring liveliness to our living or working environments.   

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